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I want you to take a moment and bring to mind the most cherished person or people in your life. Be it a parent, a sibling, a cousin, your spouse or even your best friend. Make a dua for their utmost happiness, for them to be close to Allah always. Make a dua for Allah to remove their secret pains and sorrows that we are oblivious to.

This transitory life is intermingled with unimaginable heartache. Amidst it, all are those souls that make it worth it, those souls that are Allah’s gift to you. With every second elapsed, people are dying, from disease, from war. People are dying because others want to play God. Somebody somewhere has now entered their eternal slumber. People are dying because it is all of our destinies to return to our Creator one way or another. This life is essentially a means to prepare for that final fate. But it is so easy to find yourself drowning in the blood of the oppressed and to be deafened by the ghosts of yesterday. Life can be a sickening weight and Shaytaan sits on that weight increasing its intensity, endeavoring to shatter your soul until it is dust. They say to you, “Sabr, have sabr, just a little longer.” And you think sabr? How much longer can I take it? astaghfirullah, who are we to question the plan of Allah? But Satan is cunning and we have all thought in this way, at one point or another. It’s okay, we are Insaan created feeble and at times susceptible to sin, our actions will fall and so will our thoughts.

My point is that this world, this life is truly a test. There are days just getting out of bed feels excruciating. And even the best of us need a push. There is a person or some people in your life that give you that push when you demand it most earnestly, yet you can’t express it. But they know, they always know and Allah sends them our way. When you begin to take a step in the opposing direction, they swiftly and tenderly grab your hand and guide you back. With them and through them you are better, you are kinder and closer to Allah. Sometimes you fall together and each time emerge more beautiful, and stronger, hand in hand. When your heart wants to fall asleep crying and it begins to the lose the will to continue beating in this dismal world, they caress your heart with the right amount of gentleness, slowly nursing it back to life. The only thing that matters in this life is imparting gratitude to Allah, attaining His pleasure and loving him. Sometimes the light Allah sends to you is sent in the form of a person. Treading this life in solitude is a most austere thought. So if your light is a person, if that light reminds you to love Allah, honor them. Embrace them and love them. Do not be stingy with your love. Let them know they are appreciated and a treasure to be preserved. Let there be no delay in your love. You have no knowledge of when you will get another chance to do so. Never cease in your duas for them. Life is but a fleeting moment. Let that moment be a testimony of pure love.

May Allah reunite us with our loved ones in Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabb ul Alamin.

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