Oh travelers​ of this world

The fragility of this life is unquestionably an unnerving thought, at any given moment, any one of us will be face to face with angel Azrael. Just like that, the perfect house, you worked so endlessly to achieve, your beloved wife and sweet children, are an illusion, and you are alone answering to the Lord of the Universe. Yet it is also this very fact that makes life so profoundly precious. Every moment, every person, every encounter, is suddenly so much more, everything is filled, with spirit and pure love.

I am deeply grateful for every second, every day, every moment I have been honored with by the mercy of Allah SWT, and so I sit here in amazement, another year has passed, and I ponder have I utilized my time appropriately, was I grateful enough?

I can vividly remember sitting down in the middle of the night recalling my year at the end of 2015, so ready, so eager to welcome 2016, and that time has come again. Filled with so many new experiences, new journeys, new moments, my heart smiles at all the moments that composed 2016. I recall by the end of 2015 I grew intensely mindful of Allah ta’ala, of death, and of life. With this perspective in mind that, our days on this Dunya are limited, every smile, every laugh, every act of love, was eminently felt and cherished. So with a beaming smile and tenderness, I want to share with you pieces of my heart so that you may, find some comfort in, so that you may learn something, in sha Allah.

In the passing year, Allah SWT has given me the honor of growing deep bonds of friendship with many people. I have cried with and held hands of people who have shared their deepest sorrows and fears with me. As I set out to attempt to alleviate their pains, I found myself repeating this truth, that the pain in this Dunya is temporary. This Dunya and everything that it encompasses is temporary. While it is absolutely certain that your heartbreaks and grievances will subside, that you are promised ease, another truth is often not discussed, that even your happiness is temporary. What does this mean, are we to just remain miserable always? Not at all. All it means is that we must treasure our times of bliss. With this notion in mind, life is felt with a peace, fully fathoming the truth and purpose of existence, indeed our life here, all the bloodshed and sadness, all the glitz and glam and smiles, none of this is infinite. With this, you are given the capacity to withstand any hardship, and blessings are dealt with extra care and treated as the gifts they truly are. At-Tawakkul ‘ala Allah, all our trust is solely in Allah.

As the seasons pass by and, you grow aware of how perishable life is, you also come to grasp the reality of the futility of material things, how frivolous they are, how they ultimately bring hollowness to the soul. Cars, the latest smartphones, wealth, mansions, these things people often chase after, gambling away their lives, forsaking their Lord for, will not accompany them to their graves. Earlier in the year, a celebrity singer had passed, I was watching the news, and this man had died unmarried and childless, however, he had left behind an abundance of property, without a will. His only living relatives were disputing as to who will be his inheritor. So I sat that there, thinking, subhanAllah, this man presumably had everything, money, fame, all the luxuries of this Dunya and now what are the value of these things? Worthless. You see that’s all he had, things. Eventually, it will all be obliterated, and like his physical body, they will fade into oblivion. Celebrities invest and exhaust all of their time and energies pursuing the vices of the Dunya, but, by the virtue of, pure human nature, the more they have, the more they want. This craving will leave humans to remain to be dissatisfied with the world and everything in it, and this is exactly how we were created. This passion is meant to be directed towards earning for the hereafter and if it isn’t, if you live solely for this world, you have lost everything.

The euphoria you experience in this world is an illusion, your carnal possessions which you hold dear to your hearts, are ultimately meaningless in aiding your final fate. The question remains, what truly matters? Your deeds and the time you allocated in striving in Allah’s way, striving to gain his pleasure, your treatment of people, these are the things that matter and among these treasures, you must preserve and safeguard the lovely souls in your life. People, who, remind of you Allah, those who love every part of you, irrevocably and unconditionally, those who never fail to make you smile, they are worth far more than any amount of money and any inanimate object. Appreciate these people and love with every inch of your heart. We are travelers of this world, our journey is a short one and it would be a great misfortune upon your own soul, to spend even a second, harboring any resentment in your heart. Love, so you may seek his pleasure and take your heart and submit it to Him, only he will protect it. Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t fret, trust that He is Al Razzaq and he will provide for you, your rizq. If you have Allah, and if He has blessed you with genuine love, you are richer than any celebrity. Our beloved Prophet, the example for all Mankind, the man promised Jannah, lived the humblest of lives. He once told his wife, Aisha r.a, “If you want to reunite with me be in this world like be like a traveler! Keep away from being near the rich and do not think about buying a new dress before the present one becomes so old, that it cannot be used anymore.” Live simply and be pleased with all that Allah has given, for indeed worship begins with shukr(gratefulness), and watch as your life fills with His light and mercy.

“Oh travelers of this world
your destination is the grave
This journey for which you are preparing will last for only two days
Since the creation of this world thousands and millions have arrived
No one is left, They’ve been engulfed in soil
Do not forget this, this will be everyone’s final abode” (unknown author)

With these words in mind, spend every moment wisely, with, each passing year we are nearing the end of our journey.
May this year be filled with Allah ta’ala’s blessings and love, may this year be filled with beauty.

الحمد لله على كل حال.
“Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli Haal”
Praise be to Allah in every circumstance.


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