The air is frigid, your breath visible, children await the first snowstorm of 2016, and we are nearly half away through with the first month of the year. I simply had a sudden appetite to write,  so here I am, sitting alone, dazed,and happier than ever. My mind in a frenzy. But enough with the overly embellished talk, to captivate you guys, let’s get right into it, let’s talk life.

For those of you stressing out over school, work, struggling emotionally, going through a storm of issues, I want to tell you, don’t lose heart, it’s all a part of life and it doesn’t last, you’ll be okay. Sit back, perhaps grab a cup of coffee or tea (whatever your preference) and read and internalize what I’m about to tell you.

  1.     Whatever it is that worries your mind, it’s never too small or insignificant to discuss. If you read my end of the year post you are aware that until recently I was having a difficult time with life, in terms of self esteem, “discovering” myself, friends, family, etc, basically I was a bit of a mess, until recently. It isn’t that I have gotten everything I ever dreamed of and its all picture perfect, certainly none of that, it’s rather that I have accepted what is and what isn’t. I have done a number of things to improve my life and myself as a person.   I’d have to say one the best things I have done to allievate the overall quality of my life is get rid of all the poisonous humans I was in touch with. It may sound harsh but I’m a firm believer of the phrase “You are the company you keep.” If your “friends” don’t uplift you and support you, if they constantly make you feel like shit, if they don’t help you grow, and if they make you partake in things you don’t enjoy and if they do not consider you or your feelings, they are not your friends. Get rid of them. I swear to you it will change your life. You don’t need people who are emotionally challenged. Surround yourselves with people who make you feel at home, who give you new perspective into the world, who nourish your soul, they should comfort and encourage you in your endeavors and give you constructive critiscism when needed. It may sound like asking a lot of someone but if you ask me, it’s not difficult to lend an ear and shoulder to someone in need, or offer a few words of assurance or have englightning conversations(I wholeheartedly believe you can learn something from everyone you encounter and from almost every  discussion). But how do you “cut off” people? It’s rude to say “I don’t want to talk to you anymore goodbye,” unless the situation is really bad than take a stand. Some of the people I no longer associate with, weren’t bad people at all, they just weren’t helping me in any aspect, I was stuck, going in a circle of redundancy, with no exit in sight. They didn’t know what they were doing and they weren’t helping me. I started occupying myself with other things and other people.
  2. Don’t be afraid of sounding stupid or starry-eyed. Talk about what makes you passionate, what you believe in, your hopes and dreams. I’m a hundred percent certain you have all heard this at least a million times, but, seriously BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Believe in your potential and capabilities. Once you have that faith in yourself no earthly power could possibly bring you down, you’ll be bulletproof from the bs of envious beings. Look at me, I stopped writing because of a couple of bad grades and unsettling words of a few people and than I started what I love without regard for the opinions of other and realized, “hey what the hell I’m good at this.” Now I’m invincible (okay not really but I know I can do whatever I set my heart on). Of course you will encounter people who will attempt to dishearten you, don’t let them win, your happiness and success is their kryptonite.
  3. !!!TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! Yes I’m screaming at you, visualize a 5’1, female yelling at you, annoying but effective. Now that I have gotten your attention, listen to me very carefully. Don’t sacrifice your mental health, physical health for anything, for people, for school, whatever. Don’t try to make the people who cause your grief, happy, don’t allow people to depreciate and overlook your efforts and gorgeous self. Do not allow people to belittle your dreams. Do not neglect your health to get a grade that you will forget very soon,( obviously try hard in school but relax and sleep and eat). You don’t want to hang out today? Cool, spend time with yourself, it’s not weird or antisocial at all. Don’t make excuses just say hey man I’m not feeling it. Actually spending time yourself is benifical because that’s when you really understand yourself, what you like, dislike, because your not influenced by others.  Eat healthy because if your flourishing on the inside, you’ll be flourishing all together, but also treat yourself to chocolate and pie and cheeseburgers, once in awhile because you deserve it. It’s seems so simple and remarkably explicit, “take care of yourself” duh! But you can not imagine the wonders it can do to just remind someone who is struggling right now.
  4. The last thing I’d like to remind you all is, sometimes things won’t go your way, there will be difficult times, you can’t avoid it. However you have a choice, a choice to let it destroy you, you can mope and wallow in your sorrow or you have a choice to learn from it and mature from it. A failure isn’t a failure if it teaches you something. Remember that whatever is meant to be will happen, and that Allah swt’s plan is far greater than our own.


Everything will be okay.


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