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Recipes For Soulfood (Islamic Spirituality and More)

Recipes For Soulfood (Islamic Spirituality and More)

Living in New York, as a 20-year-old, Muslim woman, I know life can become chaotic. The duties of this worldly life have a way of completely engulfing you. We often neglect our souls and hearts for the matters of this life. In sharing my experiences and reflections, Recipes For Soulfood, is a place for people to find reminders, so that they may feed their souls, the sustenance it requires. The internet is replete with recipes and tips on how to provide your physical self with the nutrients it requires. Recipes for Soulfood will cater to the health of your mind and soul. Here, you will find "recipes" and tips on how to maintain your spiritual well-being. Recipes for Soulfood strives to impart the teachings of Islam. It is a humble effort to unify the Ummah through mercy and love in accordance with the Sunnah.

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