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“Your lord will open a way for you from His Mercy and will make easy for you, your affair.” [18:16]

I turn to this verse time and time again for comfort, how beautiful is our Lord, how incredible are his promises? Open the Quran, study the Quran, embed it in your heart and you will never despair. This is only one of the countless verses that highlight our Rabb’s kindness and I think in the state in which the Dunya is in right now, we can use all the comfort we can get.

I have had numerous conversations with sisters who have confided in me, telling me they are scared to go out, scared of the reactions people will have to their hijab, sisters who want to wear niqab but they are afraid, and if I sat here listing even half the heinous crimes against our brothers and sisters simply because they choose to submit their souls wholly to Allah swt, in the past couple of years, I would never be done with this piece, and I’m sure most of us are aware of these crimes, and going into detail about these heinous acts is not pertinent to the point I’m about to make.

The world has not been kind to Muslims. And I’m not only talking about today’s world, it goes all the way back to the very beginning of Islam, read the seerah of our beloved Prophet and you discover all the kinds of trials and tribulations he faced, you can not even fathom, how painful life was for the first Muslims. They say history repeats itself, don’t misunderstand our situation and their situation are on very different levels, but still, it has not been easy.

While I can’t promise you it will get any easier, I can remind you that Allah’s promise is always true, to hold firm in your heart his words and remember the perfection of his plan.

Let me ask you this question, why do we wear hijab? niqab? thobe? The most familiar responses we have all heard I’m sure goes a little something like this, ” I’m saving my self for my future spouse, to be modest, to protect myself from fitnah,” and these are all correct, but it’s not the main reason for our peculiar choice of attire, it’s a much more profound reason. This is how we dress, not for any man, not because it’s how our parents raised, first and foremost, it’s for Allah SWT, because he commanded us too, to establish a connection with our Rabb, simple as that. This is what I tell myself every single time, people spew hateful comments at me when they give me dirty looks. The fact is, no matter how you dress, what your faith is, who you are, someone, somewhere will have something to say, don’t let it phase you, don’t let humans upset, when you believe that Allah swt is the greatest, the All-knowing, the most powerful.

We weren’t created, to please each other, we were created to worship Allah swt, so what are we doing?


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