I’m sure you know how cruel this world can be, I’m sure many of you have experienced the brutality of heartbreak. Restless nights, perhaps in a fit of tears, followed by a hole in the wall from frustration, and sleepless nights with your forehead to the earth, “Ya rabb, Ya rabb, hear me, answer me, help me, save me.” Shaytaan whispers, what’s the point? Where’s the acknowledgement? Where’s the fruit of your labor? It’s a buzz in your ear you can’t quite turn off. Sabr? Have sabr, for how long? 1 year passes, 3years, 10years gone. There seems to be no end, just nothingness. Many will throw their hands up, not a prayer missed, Quran memorized, hijab, niqab worn, sacrifice after sacrifice, yet why does Allah not respond to my pleads?

It is a peculiar matter of contention, this idea of the meager human, feeling entitled to everything. We often think, “I pray my five daily prayers, i donned the hijab, and recite Quran”, Allah swt owes us something. The Lord of the Universe owes us nothing. We owe everything to HIM. Constant disobedience, time and time again do we get consumed by the vices of this life, unmindful that we are being watched, falling into deep ingratitude, yet even if our sins were as vast as the ocean, He forgives, and forgives and forgives. On the other hand, the creation, despairs, the neglect, and thanklessness, of their love and efforts,from each other. Well in fact we are guilty of such inconsiderateness, and Allah swt overlooks our weakness.

I was once told not to except much gratitude from everyone and this has proven to be full of truth. So why should we do anything, perform acts of kindness and selflessness, when seemingly it is of no benefit to us?

There is a more eminent blessing, and that is the pleasure of Allah swt. With that I am reminded of the verse from surah Insan

“We feed you for the sake of Allah alone: no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks.” [76:9]

If we live our lives seeking the approval of those who will eventually be buried and forgotten like the rest of us, than we will lead a life drowning in our own misery. Our lives and deeds should , first and foremost, revolve around the undying love of Allah swt, only than will we achieve, a peace of mind and heart. I am well aware this is easier said than done, but what is difficult does not deem it impossible, commit to your memory, that He is, Al Mujeeb, the responsive one, call to him and surely he will respond in the best way, at the perfect time.

Still we desire to hear it, the recognition because it is not easy, breaking your back and bending over for the sake of other’s happiness,when you don’t receive so much as thank you. Two words, eight letters with the power to lift a sunken heart and sculpt a smile. You should know these words can not compare to what I am about to remind you of.

Your deeds, your life, your very existence, is not in vain for, Allah swt created us with Haq, with truth, with a purpose and He is, Al basir , the all seeing, all seeing of every thought you conceive and every action you carry out, remember not even a leaf falls without Him knowing. In Surah Al Ahqaf Allah swt says,

“We shall accept the best of their deeds and overlook their evil deeds. They shall be among the dwellers of paradise, – a promise of truth, which they have been promised.'{46:16}

Despite the invisible bullets, and knives we endure in this life, despite the hammer banging at your heart, already taped and glued, we have been promised that we shall be recompensed for all that we suffered, not any old promise, not a pinky promise easily forgotten, a promise of truth.


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